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Tarot Reading

One thing that many people ask is, “Why are there so many different types of tarot and oracle decks?” Well, the answer is twofold. First, each deck has its own unique personality, just like humans and other creatures. Not every reader or client will connect to the vibrational personality of the deck.

Second, each deck has a different role to play. Some decks tell you about the present situation and what you need to do NOW. Other decks will focus on the distant future and what path you should take to get there. That is the role of that deck. (I even have a deck that I only use for spells and rituals!)

So obviously, I work with multiple decks. You have the choice as to which deck you think you are personally connected to. Then I do your custom reading, honing into the vibrations of the deck and your Higher Self. My guidance doesn’t come just from your cards, but also your spirit guides and guardians. They can be kind or harsh depending on what you ask. See what deck speaks to you. Contact me to learn more.

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