Thoughts, words, and actions to awaken the true you.

Biophysical Consultation

60 mins

We all have to start somewhere! Our journey together beings here, where we go over what you are wanting to focus on and what you wish to accomplish with treatment. Is there a physical pain you wish to remove or is it emotional relief that is needed? Usually, the blockages within us cause conflicts in our environment. Which areas are you having trouble in? We can discuss this in depth. I will then do a short reiki session and provide any necessary guidance.


Reiki Session

30 mins

Reiki is the art and practice of energy healing. By attuning the mind and body to the flow of Qi (Chi) I will work with you to find imbalances and obstructions to your natural flow of energy; promoting physical and emotional healing.


Extended Reiki Session

60 mins

Sometimes you need that little extra oomph! Longer sessions can promote deeper levels of relaxation of the mind and body.


Couples Reiki

90 mins

You’re not in this alone…The people closest to our hearts help influence and reinforce who we are. Here you can help heal and reinforce each other.


Pet Reiki

30 mins

Sometimes the ones we love that need help aren’t exactly…people shaped. Reiki works with the universal energy that infuses every living thing, not just mankind. So be kind, and help man’s best friend.


Earth Balance Distance Reiki

3 Consecutive Days


Reiki is a lot like a mailed letter…You don’t have to be there when it’s written for it to make your day when you receive it. I will send you Reiki for 3 consecutive days at a predetermined time. This can be done over the phone, while you’re at work, or even when you are asleep. We will have a brief dialogue to go over the issues you wish to focus on during the sessions.


Tarot Reading

I can do an open or focused reading, depending on what guidance you seek. This can be done over the phone, through video chat, or in person. I will call upon your spirit guides and Highest Self to aid in directing you down the best path of action.

$1 per minute. Minimum 15 minutes.


Poetry from Your Soul

3 to 5 personal poems

Looking for something a little more personal? Here you can provide me with a topic of focus: love, family, travel, etc. It can be about a specific place/person or only that general topic. I will call upon your Highest Self and receive your honest and true feelings at this time in poetic form.


Spiritual Consultation

Open Ended Questions

This is where we dive deeper…

You will provide me with up to three open ended questions on any topic. I will call upon your Highest Self and spirit guides and ask to receive the best guidance for you. I will provide a brief written report of the information I am given, if this is a distance session without audio/video.

Yes/No answers won’t give me much to work with here, the more specific you can be with your question the better!