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Image by Amanda Vick

Crystal Therapy

For thousands of years, multiple cultures and religions have worshiped nature. Mother Earth in all her splendid glory throughout the seasons. These people believe that everything from Mother Earth has a spirit or a sense of sententious of its own. This includes all animals, plants, rocks, and the elements. While we may not hear or understand their language, does not mean they do not have one. 

There are many frequencies in the world that we cannot see or hear. It is proven cats, dogs and other animals can hear higher frequencies and see ultraviolet light. So what is out there that we are not picking up? Is it possible that nature is communicating on a different frequency than we understand? Yes.

So what does this all have to do with reiki? Reiki can be transmitted through any type of crystal and combined with their specific frequency to change your vibrations. Each crystal has different properties (protection, love, peace, focus, etc.) and they will be transmitted to you for healing.  

Crystal grids can be used this way in your home to change the mood and “vibe” of your environment. The placement of these grids is amplified if their intention corresponds to the space’s feng shui. Aligning your crystal grid within the area of your home you want to change (love life, career, personal development, etc.) can make a significant difference. Contact me to learn more.

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